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Old Country Road Map 2

Gone Fishing


A picture of a fluke

Yesterday, my dad was at work and my brother was at camp so, me and my mom decided to go fishing. We’ve been planning this trip for weeks. We chose Captree State Park. They have a 4 hour fluke trip everyday at 11:00 am. We got there at around 10:00 am, we had an extra hour. Until the boat came we just looked around inside the bait and tackle shop (even though the boat provides rods and bait) The hour was over faster than I thought because the boat just arrived. We ran over and waited for the people from the previous trip to get off so we could get on. After they got off we got on. We found a nice spot on the right side of the boat. Just as we were starting to depart, the people who worked on the boat came around asking if anyone would like to enter the dock pool. The dock pool is a contest to see who caught the heaviest fluke all day. My mom entered us both into the pool. It seemed like forever until we were allowed to start fishing. They told us to put some fluke skin and some little fish on the hook. They said this specific type of bait attracts fluke. Almost instantly after I put my line in the water I felt a wiggle on my line, I reeled it in and I saw 2 things, a fish, and a bunch of other lines tangled with mine. Luckily we got our lines untangled, but I had no idea who caught the fish, and the guys said it was a sea robin, you can’t keep sea robins so we had to let it go. The good news was that later I caught a fluke! But the bad news was it was less than16 inches so I had to throw it back. The only other fish I caught during the rest of the trip was another sea robin and before I knew it the boat was back at the dock. Even though I only caught 3 fish, it was a good fishing trip.

The Day I got my Phone


It was my birthday. I got my presents from my parents, my aunts and uncles, my cousins, but not from my grandpa. Before my birthday I told him what I wanted him to get me, an iPhone 5. So after school on my birthday he picked me up from my house and drove me to the Apple Store. Later, at the Apple Store I myself told one of the guys who worked there,

“I would like to buy an iPhone 5 please.”

“How much capacity would you like on the phone?” he asked

“32 gigabytes” I replied

“What carrier would you like on the phone?”

“Verizon” my grandpa replied “And one more question, will we be able to walk out of here today with a working phone?”

“No” he replied “Were having trouble with Verizon right now, the process would take a couple days”

So my grandpa took me to the Verizon store nearby. We walked in and asked him for an iPhone 5 with 32 gigabytes on it. So he went in the back to get an iPhone 5. Meanwhile we were looking for a case for the phone. I chose a nice red and black case that was waterproof.

Later the guy came back with a 32 gigabyte iPhone 5. He took it out of the box so he could put a phone number on it. When he was done he told us the cost of the phone and case. My grandpa paid the bill and I walked out of the store with a working phone.

A Day at the Beach

A picture of my beach club

A picture of my beach club

It was a beautiful 80 degree day. Perfect for the beach, so that’s the exact place we went. We all got in the car (me, my mom, my dad, and Evan, my brother)  and headed to the beach. It was a 40 minute trip but the wait was worth it! The moment we got there, I ran ahead with Evan to the the sand. All my friends were there, Sam, the other Ian, John, and the other Evan. They all told me the sand was burning hot! I believed them but I checked anyway, they were right! The sand was hot, but I convinced them to go on the sand with me. Luckily one of the hoses used to fill up the pools was turned on. We took it out of the mini pool that the hose was filling with water and made a river with it. We made islands, castles, towers, it was so much fun. But then our parents came over and told us it was time for lunch. So we left our river behind and had lunch. I had a jelly sandwich, Evan had the same thing. The moment I finished the sandwich I raced to the sand. But it was getting hotter, and sunnier I didn’t want to get a sunburn so I stayed inside my cabana and played cards with Mom, Dad, and Evan. We played go-fish, rummy, spit, and so much more. We also played other games like Boggle, Scrabble, and Sorry. After a fun filled day at the beach it was time to go home. I said goodbye to Sam, the other Ian, the other Evan, and John and we left for home.